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Online Sports Shop Website Design – Client: Eagle Sports

When Eagle Sports first approached us their branding and website did not reflect the business, it’s success and optimism in the future, both were tired and neglected. We wanted to devise something strong, bold, yet identifiable so incorporated elements of the old logo but with a sharp, modern rejuvenation. The bold black and white, use of silhouettes and the motto we coined ‘time to fly’ all became iconic Eagle Sports elements.

We completed the website in 2 phases. In the first phase we overhauled the look and functionality of the old website, creating something modern, engaging and with an emphasis on usability. In this phase we focused on strengthening the Eagle Sports brand recognition, better communicating the Brands which fell under the Eagle Sports banner and promoting the products through their existing catalogues.

After the success of phase 1, in was time to take the beauty created in phase 1 and take it to the next level of functionality to help drive business and slip-stream some of the administrational processes. In phase 2 we created a robust backend and Content Management System where Eagle Sports could now easily control the content of the website. More importantly, we built an Ecommerce platform. Previously the ordering process was time consuming, with some clients emailing, some filling out forms and faxing, others calling etc etc. We identified that a great deal of time could be saved by providing product information online direct to customers and by giving them the power to place their orders directly in the system. By freeing administrational time on these avoidable aspects, the Eagle Sports staff have been able to focus on more valuable aspects, such as excellent customer service, product development and growing the business.

In phase 3, we hope to review the warehouse layout and improve stock control and management, which will be the final phase in improving business efficiency.

We’ve had a great relationship with Eagle Sports and it’s exciting to be a part in the transformation process.