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Tour Company Website Design – Client: Go Wild Africa

GoWild Africa deliver unique Horse Safaris in the heart of Kenya. Being a family operated company who offer value for money safaris in the best and often less travelled parts of Kenya, one aspect we were keen to convey in the branding was authenticity and to emphasise the unique richness of Africa and the fun of a GoWild Africa experience. Approaching an African subject was both a great thrill, but simultaneously we were wary that many African branding exercises fall well short and are complete with an utter lack of soul. To create authentic outcomes one must use authentic processes so the paints came out and this became the heart of the design. GoWild Africa has intentions in the near future to extend their operations from Horse Riding Safaris to 4×4 Jeep Hire and Safaris. With Horse Riding and Jeep Safaris combined with their Farm stays and Guesthouses, these three components were to be the core services that GoWild Africa offered. For the logo the iconic African continent was split in three parts, with each third dedicated to one of the businesses three services. The vernacular artwork was perfect both in conveying the African and safari experience, but also the rich culture and our desire for a logo with an element of fun, further emphasised with the use of earthy colours and texture.

GoWild Africa offer Experiences, so to convey this was the fundamental objective of their website. Horizontal sliding websites, although less common give greater emphasis to imagery and elevating the imagery would undoubtedly be a critical aspect in conveying the African experience. Horizontal websites also create a natural flow in a similar manner to a book where the story is viewed in parts. Another of our key goals was to have the strong personalities of the family conveyed creating a sense of fun. We devised numerous concepts to help convey these objectives such as having personalised horse profiles, monthly photographic competitions for clients and hand illustrated maps which helped to create a fun and authentic look.

We hope to visit Kenya in the near future to create Videos to further capture the unique experiences that GoWild Africa have to offer.